Praxis für Hypnotherapie
Praxis für Hypnotherapie

Hypnosis for Bedwetting, Enuresis nocturna and diurna

Bedwetting is a vicious circle. Despite concerted efforts, no self-control is possible when bedwetting happens in deep sleep. Luckily hypnotherapy has proven effective in changing even unconscious habits. This unique system, developed in Berlin over the past 12 years, combines hypnosis with alarm underpants, ensuring success in training children as well as adults to stay dry all night.

No commonly occurring problem in childhood can cause children and their parents more grief than bedwetting. 'Nocturnal Enuresis' or bedwetting is often kept a family secret in order to protect the child from teasing and bullying.


Before undertaking any kind of therapy, it is important that a doctor clarify whether there is an organic reason for enuresis. That done, it is my experience that some affected families undertake an odyssey of conventional medical and/or alternative treatments that can last up to years before they come to my practice for hypnotherapy.

Sadly, it is the child who feels most ashamed and hopeless after a string of unsuccessful attempts to stop the bedwetting. Otherwise exciting and fun opportunities in childhood such as overnight stays with grandparents, friends or class trips organized from school become torturous ordeals. Children 15 years and older may eventually come to doubt whether they will ever be able to stop wetting the bed. You can imagine how much their self-esteem must suffer.

Here is a way for children (and adults) to become dry all night!

For over twelve years, I have been treating bedwetting with increasing success. If your child is dry during the day, there is probably no medical problem that requires medication, so first thing we do, we stop the medicine. The bedwetting child lacks a conditioning of the body, which allows him to wake up from a full bladder and go to the toilet. We turn waking up and using the toilet into a habit in the Get Dry Program, by combining hypnosis with a bedwetting alarm and training.


Who do I mean by "we?" We are: The caretaking parent (usually mother), the child and myself. Together we tackle the problem and support the child until the conditioning is completed and the child is dry. Your child no longer has to be alone with this problem; you can help him effectively during training. This experience strengthens the parent-child relationship. In the course of training we get the opportunity to recognize other problems the child might have and to remedy them too.


The Get Dry Program is available to every family, not only those living in Berlin or the surroundings, but in all of Germany and the EU. The program is designed so that training (the conditioning itself) is carried out at home. At the first appointment I explain the program to you and hypnotize your child while you watch. In the evening you begin with training. At 2-week intervals, we consult by phone on your progress and decide on how to proceed. If the training requires additional hypnosis, a second or third appointment in Berlin will be agreed.


Because the main part of conditioning is done at home, the estimated number of sessions in Berlin ranges from one to three, the cost per session (100 € for the first, then 70 € for each additional session) reasonable. Phone calls are billed at a rate of 1€ per minute. Supported by appointments and phone calls, the parent-child team continues their training until the child is dry all night. This process can take anywhere from 4 weeks up to three months.


Starting Dec. 1, 2017 there will be a price increase: The fee for the 1st appointment will be 150 €, 100 € for successive sessions. Phone calls stay the same at 1€ per minute. This is actually good news, because my clients are regularly finishing the program successfully after 1 session and diverse phone calls! The program is apparently fast as well as effective.


Example price of therapy: At the present rate you might pay 150 € (1 session and diverse phone calls) for your child to become dry all night. After the increase, the same services will cost 200 €, still a reasonable price to end bedwetting forever.


As soon as your child stops bedwetting, she will take a leap forward in her development. We will revel in that moment; that is our reward for our efforts! There is nothing more beautiful than a happy child and relieved parents after bedwetting ends. If you need help for your child, do contact me. The consultation is free of charge.


The K. Family from East Frisia, Germany:

"...what (felt like) 100 doctors, health practitioners, psychologists etc. in almost 10 years did not manage, you accomplished in just one session! Since we brought our twelve-year-old son to see you for bedwetting, he is now completely dry. For this are we eternally grateful, gladly making the nearly 500-kilometer journey and withstanding the subsequent strenuous three weeks with the alarm underpants.

We recommend that EVERY "bedwetter" visit your practice!!!"

The T. Family from Berlin, Germany:

"We would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your treatment. For N. and for us, it's like a miracle! It's been 4 weeks without the alarm underpants and he has not wet the bed once. You have helped us so much!"

The T. Family from Berlin, two years later:

"Dear Mrs. Cooley, how nice to hear from you! N. is doing very well and since your successful treatment, he never wet the bed again! Unbelievable how the psyche can change a person. N. has become much more self-confident and the only thing we regret: not having contacted you sooner. We cannot express in words how deeply grateful we are!"

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