Hypnosis for Bedwetting, Enuresis nocturna and diurna

Bedwetting is a vicious cycle when nothing seems to stop it. The crux of the problem: Bedwetting is an involuntary habit because it happens during sleep. Luckily, hypnosis is effective in changing even the most stubborn of problems.


This unique treatment developed in Berlin combines hypnosis with training so that children and adults can learn to stay dry all night -- at an affordable price.

This is the way for children and adults to become dry all night!


For over fourteen years, I have been refining a technique that stops bedwetting for good. If your child is dry during the day, then it is logical that he can be conditioned to stay dry all night, too, without the use of medicines.


The bedwetter apparently lacks a conditioning of the body that would wake him when the bladder is full. That is what we do in the "Get Dry Program:" We make waking up and using the toilet a new habit. By combining hypnosis and training, we get better results on a regular basis.


The "Get Dry Program" is available in English or German.


Cost of the Get Dry Program

  • 100 € per hypnosis appointment in Berlin (90 min.)
  •   10 € per phone appointment with an additional 1 €/min. after 10 min.


Example: Price of Treatment


Let us assume you need one appointment in Berlin and 6 telephone calls to stop the bedwetting (12 weeks). You will have invested 100 € plus 6x 10 € = 160 € to end your child's bedwetting for good.


If you would like to help your child stop wetting the bed and are ready to try something new, please contact me. A phone consultation is free of charge.


The K. Family from East Frisia, Germany:

"...what (felt like) 100 doctors, health practitioners, psychologists etc. in almost 10 years did not manage, you accomplished in just one session! After we brought our twelve-year-old son to see you for bedwetting, he is now completely dry. For this are we eternally grateful, gladly making the nearly 500-kilometer journey and the three-week training with the alarm underpants.
We recommend that EVERY "bedwetter" visit your practice!!!"

The T. Family from Berlin, Germany:

"We would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your treatment. For N. and for us, it's like a miracle! It's been 4 weeks without the alarm underpants and he has not wet the bed once. You have helped us so much!"

The T. Family from Berlin, two years later:
"Dear Mrs. Cooley, how nice to hear from you! N. is doing very well and since your successful treatment, he never wet the bed again! Unbelievable how solving a problem can change a person. N. has become much more self-confident and the only thing we regret: Not having contacted you sooner. We cannot express in words how deeply grateful we are!"

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